Investor Services


Dodson Norwood offers a comprehensive array of services and an efficient, world-class experience for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Asset Management
  • Investment Advisory & Management
  • Investment Administration
  • Portfolio design and management
  • Retirement planning
  • Equity market counseling
  • Asset Growth
  • Asset planning
  • External Chief Investment Officer & Investment Consulting
  • Estate & Wealth Planning
  • Fund Structuring
  • Investment Management
  • Fund Management & Governance


Whether our clients need investment sourcing and management services, wire execution and bill payment services, on-going manager and investment monitoring, aggregated portfolio statements or help devising estate planning strategies, we will act as their independent advisor and advocate, navigating the complex and varied financial landscape.


Investment philosophy

Dodson Norwood aims to provide its clients with discretionary “sleep at night” portfolios at a competitive fee.

The “sleep at night” label is premised on well-reasoned and researched asset allocation, stock selection and portfolio construction together with open channels of communication between Private Clients' portfolio and relationship managers and their high net worth clients.

Dodson Norwood portfolios are constructed for inflation - beating growth over the longer - term and as a consequence, portfolio turnover is minimized. Trades are only affected to rebalance portfolios when warranted and to make strategic stock selection changes for longer - term outperformance.

The “sleep at night” philosophy is further enhanced by sound governance and oversight through Dodson Norwood’s governance structures and Private Clients' Policy Board which counts amongst its members the Managing Executive of Wealth and Investment Management, the Chief Investment Officer of Dodson Norwood Asset Management and representatives from Wealth and Investment Managements’ compliance, risk and legal support teams. Private Clients' experienced and knowledgeable administration team provides an additional level of comfort and security to clients with Private Clients - managed investment portfolios.


Our investment portfolios

Each and every client of is invested into a portfolio that is designed to meet their unique investment objectives and that fits in with their investment constraints and risk profile.

An investment strategy appropriate to the client’s portfolio is agreed between the client and the portfolio manager at the outset and that strategy is applied to the portfolio and reviewed annually.

The clients of Private Clients are able to invest in a broad spectrum of asset classes from pure listed equities, property stocks and preference shares to money market investments, listed bonds and other fixed - interest instruments. Derivatives may also be incorporated into portfolios for hedging purposes.

Multi-asset class portfolios are available:

  • Balanced Portfolio
  • Optimal Equity Portfolio
  • Equity Portfolio
  • Preference Share Portfolio
  • Fixed Interest Portfolio
  • Property Portfolio
  • Flexible Portfolio
  • Quattro portfolio